If you use and love your iPhone or iPad or Mac, June 7 is going to be a big day. Apple’s WWDC is kicking off in the virtual realms for another year and as usual, a lot of new stuff is expected. You can expect version upgrades to iOS, macOS, iPadOS, and WatchOS. This year could also bring a new Apple Silicon chip along with few new Macs. Apple itself ahs also teased lots of new stuff for iMessage.

But before that, have a look at the WWDC events page. If you are eager to catch the livestream on June 7’s night, you can head over to the Apple Events page and register yourself for the WWDC event. In India, you can catch it live on Apple’s YouTube page as well as the Events page at 10:30 pm IST. The keynote is expected to last at least two hours .

Now, for the iMessage stuff that Apple is proudly teasing.

Apple teases iMessage major update

The teaser image on the WWDC registration page shows a lot of improved Animojis with new light effects previously unseen on iOS. This seems to point out updated Animoji designs and probably more special effects.

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On Apple’s Twitter page, a video teaser shows a big “heart” like floating up, with the surrounding Animojis talking about it. Although it is just speculation, it seems that iMessage could get something that has been around on WhatsApp and Instagram for a while – Stories.

Rumours have long suggested that Apple has planned big updates to iMessage this year. With most messaging apps now adopting the popular Stories format, it would be no surprise to see Apple doing the same. iMessage could possibly collate your contacts and offer intuitive new ways to post stories. Maybe the app could separate itself from the regular SMS app for this.

Of course, Apple is keeping mum at the moment and we will have to wait until Monday night to get clarity on this. All these iMessage updates could be paired with iOS 15, which itself is expected to offer more customization options as well as improved privacy. Big changes can also be expected in iPadOS, which is expected to see the iOS customisations carried over to the big screen interface.

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