Apple, along with other brands in the global smartphone market have suffered because of the pandemic this year. Brands had to face production as well as shipment issues throughout 2020. But even then, you have winners and losers in a segment that continues to find takers. According to latest industry report, Q2 2020 saw shipment of around 297 million units. This is a 20 percent drop compared to the 370 million units shipped in 2019.

And even though brands reported less than expected units shipped, three brands managed to bypass the lull. The report says brands like Samsung, Huawei and Apple took the top three spots in the global shipment charts for the quarter. Samsung lead the segment, with 54.7 million units shipped, giving them a 20 percent market share.

Huawei managed to pick up the pieces as well, courtesy its demand in Chinese market. Because of which, the brand shipped around 54.1 million units, giving them 20 percent market share as well. Finishing the top three, we have Apple, thanks to the crazy demand for the iPhone 11. The Cupertino-based giant shipped a decent 38.3 million units, giving them a 13.8 percent market. The rest of the spots are occupied by usual Chinese suspects like Xiaomi with 10.7 percent share, Realme with around 11 percent and Oppo having 8.6 percent share in overall shipment.

Apple iPhone 12 launch date announced

US-based tech giant Apple recently sent out invites for a new event on October 13. If you have been following Apple news, this is likely the event where Apple launches its iPhone 12 series. The event invite itself is very minimal, just like the one we saw last year for the iPhone 11 series launch. We see the words “Hi, Speed” on the invite, which is likely a tease to the new 5G speeds that the latest generation of iPhones will support.

The new Apple iPhone 12 launch will take place on October 12 at 10 am PDT (10 PM IST). While the brand has not added in any extra details, it is safe to assume that all four expected Apple iPhone 12 series variants will be launched together.

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