Apple is already working on iOS 13, the next version of its mobile operating system that powers iPhone and iPad in its product ecosystem. The next version of iOS is expected to be showcased at Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) this year, but signs of its existence have already started emerging in the wild. MacRumors reports that it has seen visits to its website from Apple IP addresses on devices running iOS 13, suggesting the company has already started testing the version internally. It also suggests that work on the update has been catching steam over the last few weeks.

With the release of iOS 12, Apple took a conservative approach of not pushing out a number of features and focused entirely on stability and performance improvements. The next version, dubbed iOS 13, is expected to bring big reforms in terms of user interface. The report says that they first spotted devices running iOS 13 in October, and then in November and December, it saw visits from iPhones running iOS 13 increase. It also adds that the visits slowed during late December but is set to pick up again now “that the holidays are over and work is continuing.”

Apple, like most other software makers, begins work on new version of iOS and macOS, many months in advance. We have already heard rumors about new features that were shelved from iOS 12 release, and are now expected to appear on iOS 13. The rumors indicate that iOS 13 will include new features that will be aimed at iPad owners including a revamped Files app and in-app tabs for opening multiple windows of the same app.

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Apple’s iOS 13 is also tipped to bring support for using the same app side-by-side in Split View multitasking mode. There are also possibilities of Apple revamping the home screen from its existing app grid layout with iOS 13. The Photos app is likely to bring expanded photo management features. More details about iOS 13 should leak in the coming weeks, and Apple should give us first peak into its mobile operating system at WWDC sometime in June.

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