Technology giant Apple is likely working on the next generation of its tablet devices, the Apple iPad lineup. Working on the next generation of products is not out of line for most companies. However, a new report has highlighted a significant change with the next-generation iPad. According to the latest information available, Apple may be working on a keyboard for the upcoming iPad. This rumored keyboard will also likely come with a built-in trackpad. The company plans to launch this accessory along with the next Apple iPad Pro. Considering that the company is planning on adding support for a built-in trackpad, we can expect changes in iPadOS.

Apple iPad keyboard with built-in trackpad; details

As per a report from The Information, this move will likely lead Apple to add proper mouse support in iPadOS. The iPadOS does come with mouse support in the current version. However, this functionality is just an extension of AssistiveTouch technology. One has to navigate to the accessibility menu to turn the feature on. Even after this, it is unlike the traditional mouse pointer that one gets on Windows or macOS. Instead, iPad users get a semi-opaque circle with a dot in the middle to guide users. This accessory and proper mouse support will bring the iPad much closer to a traditional notepad or tablet than ever.

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This likely means that this software update will also reach all existing iPad devices in the market. It would essentially turn all the tablets in a possible notebook and laptop replacements. This comes just a day after Apple software chief Craig Federighi shared some thoughts regarding the iPadOS. According to The Verge, Federighi asked its shareholders to “stay tuned” for future work on the iPadOS.

The inclusion of proper mouse support is likely coming along with other OS-wide improvements in future iPadOS updates. It will be interesting to see the direction that iPadOS takes in the coming years.

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