Apple’s rumored mini-LED iPad Pro is reportedly being pushed back due to supply constraints. The tablet was initially rumored to debut during the second half of 2020 alongside the iPhone 12 lineup. However, a new report claims that the launch is now delayed to the spring of 2021. The iPhone maker is said to be delaying the device due to the supply chain delays with its component suppliers. The information comes from China’s Economic Daily News and cites sources at supply chains.

The next iPad Pro lineup with mini-LED is also tipped to bring support for 5G connectivity. There are rumors that the 5G mini-LED iPad Pro will use Apple’s in-house developed antennas. LG Display will be the main mini-LED manufacturer for Apple’s next-generation iPad Pro. The rumors point at the devices coming in two variants: 10-inches and 12-inches like the existing lineup. It is not clear whether the lineup will bring any changes in terms of design as well.

There are also rumors swirling around that Apple is planning a 15-17-inch MacBook Pro with mini-LED displays. The mini-LED display is being touted as the next big thing after OLED in the display world. One of the big advantages of using mini-LED displays is that these panels are thinner and lighter. They, however, offer a performance similar to that of OLED panels. There are reports stating that mini-LED displays offer similar brightness, color reproduction as that of OLED panels.

They are also being described as power efficient when compared to OLED panels. Apple is dependent on Samsung for sourcing OLED panels. With the switch to mini-LED panels, it has an alternative to OLED panels seen on top-tier iPhone right now. Apple is known for not relying on a single supplier for components but Samsung is the leader in OLED panels. If mini-LED succeeds among consumers, Apple might use the panel on iPhone as well.

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