Apple’s new iPhones – iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max – go on sale today in India. Having already shared our first impressions of the iPhone 11, it’s time to look at the ‘Pro’ variant. This iPhone is essentially the successor to last year’s iPhone XS. The ‘Pro’ in the moniker signifies big upgrades when compared to the iPhone 11. So just how big are these upgrades? Check out my iPhone 11 Pro first impressions.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro design

On the design front, the iPhone 11 Pro gets incremental upgrades at best. In fact, you will be hard pressed to tell the difference from the front. Both devices even feel the same when you hold it in your hands. The one small difference, however, is the added weight. This year, Apple is using a more durable glass to keep its iPhones protected from falls and scratches.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Apple iPhone 11 Pro first impressionsFlip it over, and you will see all the differences. The huge camera module at the top-right corner is the first to hit your eyes. The back panel also gets a “textured matte glass” finish, which is something not seen before on iPhones. This texture is a welcome change from the myriad of glossy phones in the market. The matte finish also makes the device less (relatively) slippery than the previous iPhones. You get the usual Space Grey, Silver and Gold color options in addition to the new Midnight Green variant.

Display and internals

The phone’s display also gets a ‘Pro’ upgrade. While the 5.8-inch screen size remains the same, Apple says it has improved the display’s contrast ratio and peak brightness levels. In the little time I have spent with the new iPhone, I can’t make out any major improvements when compared to the iPhone XS. If it is any consolation though, the OLED screen does feel fairly superior to the iPhone 11’s LCD display.

Under the hood is Apple’s new A13 Bionic chipset, which again pushes the boundaries of iPhone performance. While on paper there are major improvements, it isn’t so easily visible in the real world. Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro feels snappy and buttery smooth from the moment you take it out of the box. But so does the iPhone XS. But who’s complaining? Extra processing power is always welcome!


Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Apple iPhone 11 Pro first impressionsThe final Pro upgrade is to the iPhone’s photographic chops. This year, all three iPhones get an extra camera lens. While the iPhone 11 gets a dual-camera setup (wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle), the Pro variants get a triple-camera setup at the back. The iPhone 11 Pro gets a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens.

I have spent a bit of time shooting photos with the iPhone 11 Pro, and results are quite impressive. Like the smartphones from Google, Samsung and Huawei, Apple’s new iPhones also get a new Night Mode. Early signs are again quite positive, and I can’t wait to put the new iPhone’s cameras through a rigorous test.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro first impressions

Apple iPhone 11 Pro, Apple iPhone 11 Pro first impressionsWhile the design has largely remained the same, the iPhone 11 Pro gets quite a few upgrades over last year’s iPhone XS. The Pro variant is also quite expensive when compared to the iPhone 11. In India, the base model costs Rs 99,900, while the top model costs Rs 109,900. But is the iPhone 11 Pro truly deserving of its ‘Pro’ title and the higher price tag? We will answer that in our detailed review. So stay tuned.

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