Apple iPhone 11 Pro lying under a lake for 30 days found later to be in working condition

Imagine if you dropped your smartphone in a lake and found it 30 days later. Many would give up hope for it to boot again but that is exactly what happened with Angie Carriere from Waskesiu Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. Carriere, 50, was out fishing one day at Waskesiu Lake when she dropped her iPhone 11 into the lake.

Celebrating her 50th birthday, Carriere was ice fishing when a gust of wind blew the tent on the boat open as she reacted and the phone slipped out of her hand. It remained underwater for 30 days till she went back to retrieve it. To the surprise of many, the smartphone was working fine when she charged it and powered it on!

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Initially, she had given up hope of getting the phone back but then remembered that she had all the pictures of her trip on the very same smartphone and desperately wanted to get them back. Clearly, Carriere didn’t back them on the cloud.

With sheer grit riding on her back, Carriere went back to the lake later with a few friends of hers and a fish finder and managed to locate her submerged smartphone only to pull it back using a strong magnet. To the surprise of many, the iPhone booted and was working fine!

This is why you pay extra for a waterproof phone

While the report doesn’t explicitly mention which iPhone model has been recovered, it seems to be the iPhone 11 Pro. The Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes with an IP68 waterproof rating which means that the phone can remain submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. However, Apple does not recommend users to submerge the phone underwater in any circumstances.

This particular iPhone has overcome the odds and survived 30 days underwater which is nothing less than a technological miracle. Also, this is not the first case that Apple has survived such long duration dunks in the water. There have been reports in the past of an iPhone 11 and even an iPhone XR come out unscathed after they were dropped in the water and found after several days.

Just to be clear, Apple does not officially support the iPhone’s long-term durability underwater due to liability reasons.

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