Apple is all set to launch its latest iPhone 2019 lineup on the Global stage in a couple of hours. A multitude of leaks regarding the iPhone 2019 series have surfaced on the internet as we approach the launch event. These leaks include possible design changes, specifications, availability and pricing details. As previously noted, Apple will launch three devices, the Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. We will obviously get the final details at the launch in some time. In the meantime, let’s talk about the changes that we expected between the iPhone XS and rumored iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XS

We are still not sure about the official names of the upcoming iPhone 2019 series. However, from whatever reports have indicated, iPhone 11 is likely to be the successor to the iPhone XR. Following up, iPhone 11 Pro is the successor to iPhone XS, and 11 Pro Max will succeed XS Max. In this article, we are focusing on the possible differences between iPhone XS and 11 Pro. The iPhone 11 Pro will sport some design changes in terms of the back camera setup and the back panel. The overall size and dimensions of the smartphone are expected to remain similar to the outgoing smartphone.

Talking a bit more about the design, the notch on the top of the display is not going anywhere. This likely confirms that iPhone 11 Pro will sport a more evolutionary design rather than a ground-up overhaul. The display on the device is likely to remain unchanged with a possible increase in the pixel density. The evolutionary upgrade will follow when it comes to the SoC powering the smartphone. iPhone 11 Pro is expected to sport Apple A13 SoC with a possible bump in the base RAM and storage. The most significant change we can expect is the shift to triple camera setup on the back.

As previously noted, we are likely to get three 12-megapixel sensors with different lenses. In addition, one can also expect upgrades to the front camera in terms of resolution. Talking about ports, the device will come with the usual Lightning port with a slightly larger battery. Taking a look at the pricing, the device is also likely to cost a bit more when compared to the iPhone XS. We will do a proper comparison to dive into differences between both devices soon after the launch.

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