We have heard a lot about the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 as we inch closer to launch. From design leaks to specification hints, we have had a bit of it all so far. However, now a new report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a development that might not make Apple fans happy. The Apple iPhone 12 is reportedly going to ship without a pair of bundled earphones.

The move to remove the stock wired earbuds with the Apple iPhone 12 is a move the company is likely making to boost the sales of its true wireless alternatives. However, the move will be an inconvenience to many users who are not fans of the true wireless movement and rely on the wired stock earphones for their music and calling needs.

However, as we mentioned above, the sales of the Apple AirPods lineup seems to be the likely motive here. Kuo also earlier reported that Apple will not be launching a new pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro this year.

Apple EarPods: The journey so far

Apple has been bundling a pair of wired EarPods with its smartphones since the first iPhone. Being improved over time along with the various generations of the iPhones, the Apple EarPods today cost $29 (about Rs 2,190). Until the Apple iPhone XR, the company even added a 3.5mm-to-lightning adapter in the box.

However, the latest iPhone 11 series skipped on that too, just as the AirPods started picking up pace globally. And now that Apple has the AirPods, AirPods Pro, and a pair of over-the-ear headphones on the way, it decides to drop the EarPods entirely with the Apple iPhone 12. It seems the brand has had the plan on the cards for a while and the end goal seems to be the complete eradication of wired earphones.

As per a report by GSMarena Apple may even start bundling the AirPods in certain variants of future iPhones. While not confirmed, this could actually be a good move following the anti-EarPods decision. A lot of brands started moving to truly wireless earbuds once Apple made the switch. Now it remains to be seen if the removal of the EarPods from iPhone packaging has a similar effect on the Android market.

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