Apple is all set to launch its much anticipated Apple iPhone 2019 series on the global stage. With the event less than 7 hours away, some new information has leaked online. According to the last minute information, Apple is likely including a new “R1” sensor co-processor in the 2019 series. The “R1” co-processor, also known as “Rose” will help Apple A13 SoC in the upcoming series. We are not sure if the company will use these names for the co-processor while marketing the devices.

Apple iPhone 2019 series leak details

According to a report by MacRumors, this new sensor co-processor will be similar to the M-Series motion co-processor. If you don’t know what a co-processor is, then, think of it as a friend or helping hand. The co-processor takes care of any given task while freeing up resources on the primary processor. As per the report, the evidence of this upcoming co-processor was discovered in the internal builds of iOS 13. This new sensor co-processor is significantly different than the M-Series motion co-processor. This is because this processor integrates a number of different sensors together to produce a more comprehensive picture.

R1 integrates compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, microphone, and barometer at the time of writing. It is likely that Apple will add and integrate more sensors in the co-processor. The report noted that the co-processor is likely to add support for inertial measurement unit, Bluetooth v5.1, Ultra-Wideband, and camera features. The camera features are likely to include both the motion capture as well as optical tracking. The co-processor will combine all this data, find lost Apple Tags or even remove People from a scene using ARKit.

The report also noted that it is possible that this new R1 co-processor may replace the M-series motion co-processor. In addition, the report also noted that the co-processor may come with Bluetooth v5.1. For context, the iPhone 2018 series come with Bluetooth v5.0.

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