Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a new report to share details about the iPhone devices expected to launch in 2021. The report has revealed a number of interesting facts about the iPhones of the future. Kuo added that Apple is planning to bring back Touch ID in the iPhone from 2021. However, this one will be the under-display Touch ID solution that will maintain the near bezel-less design. It also added that the inclusion of under-display Touch ID will not eliminate the presence of Face ID. So, iPhone 2021 will feature both Touch ID as well as Face ID for authentication.

Challenges around Touch ID for Apple iPhone 2021

According to a report by 9to5Mac, Kuo stated that Apple will work on eliminating technical issues related to Touch ID. The company still needs to work on challenges related to power consumption, and size of the Touch ID area. Other things that the company needs to fix include thickness of the under-display fingerprint sensor and challenges around display lamination. It also revealed that Apple has filed a number of patents in the past regarding under-display fingerprint scanner. This likely indicates that Apple has not given up on Touch ID as an authentication method.

Kuo went on to add that Touch ID and Face ID are likely complementary. Apple will work to unify the authentication experience to make Touch ID and Face ID seamless. He also shared technical information about the under-display Touch ID solution. According to Kuo, Apple will likely use a variant for the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner by Qualcomm. This technology allows for a larger surface area to scan the fingers for authentication. Talking about Apple Watch, the company is likely to add Touch ID-based authentication system instead of a Face ID sensor.

This information about the under-display Touch ID sensor comes right after another report talking about the impact of tariff hike. As previously noted, Apple will absorb the financial impact of the tariff hike on Apple devices made in China. This means that the amount that users pay for new Apple devices will not change regardless of the tariff hike.

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