Apple iPhone 6s survives drop from 2,000 feet high airplane: Watch video

Apple iPhones are known for their fragility but this latest incident proves otherwise. An iPhone 6s was able to withstand a fall from an airplane and worked fine despite that. Read on to know more about the incident and see what exactly happened.

iPhone 6s pulls through 2,000 feet drop

According to a report by Brazillian website G1, documentary filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto dropped his iPhone 6s from an airplane that was 2,000 feet high while flying over a beach in Cabo Frio, Rio de Janeiro.

The whole incident is available in the form of a YouTube video by Ernesto himself, which has now gone viral. Here’s a link to the video for you to see what really happened:

It is suggested that Galiotto was using the phone to record with only one hand and heavy winds caused him to drop it. While one would believe the iPhone would have been dead, it wasn’t the case at all.

Despite the fall, the iPhone worked totally fine and even recorded the entire falling incident. Another interesting thing about the incident is that Galiotto was able to track down the phone when it fell with the help of the Find My app. The app told the exact location where the iPhone dropped.

While Galiotto claims it was a 2,000 feet drop, G1 suggests that the height around 1,000 feet. Nonetheless, at least the phone survived and remained unharmed. One thing worth noting is that the iPhone 6s fell on a beach and not a concrete surface and had a protective case on. So, you should avoid dropping yours in case you feel the need to do so after feeling inspired.

For the uninitiated, while iPhones have a reputation of being fragile, most of them have been able to work fine after several drop tests that have been conducted. The most recent incident was on the latest iPhone 12. The phone was dropped from various heights and proved to be a strong phone, due to the new Ceramic Shield. The iPhone 11 was tough enough to survive the test too. You can check the video out to know all about it.

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