Apple’s iOS on the iPhone offers its users some of the basic smartphone features like Reminders, Notes and an event calendar at the same time when there are third party options available for the same on the App Store. However, a lot of iPhones users fail to find some of the hidden features of these apps offer that can come in handy.

The iPhone calculator is one such app that offers basic calculation features that you’d find on a normal calculator, however, little did people know that there is a scientific calculator mode that is hidden in the app.

Yes, the iPhone offers a scientific calculator and in order to activate it, you need to go to the calculator app and activate the Scientific Mode in the iOS Calculator app.

How to activate the scientific calculator

Once you have toggled the option you need to tilt your phone horizontally which will transform the screen into the scientific mode. In-case you do not have the tilt feature activated on your Apple iPhone you can activate the same by:

  • Swiping down from the top of your iPhone display and opening the Control Center.
  • Tap on the “Portrait Orientation Lock’ to turn the option off.

Apple iPhone scientific calculator

Now that you have the vertical orientation off you can tilt the phone horizontally and access the scientific calculator.

This unlocks a lot of functionalities like adding numbers to the memory, exponents and pretty much all of the features that you’d find in a scientific calculator that you used in school or college.

Surprisingly, this isn’t a new feature and was introduced back in 2008 in iOS 2.0. Despite adding a screenshot of the feature on the App Store iPhone users had trouble accessing the feature. I am sure many didn’t even know that option existed. Since the calculator app comes pre-installed on the iPhone nobody bothers going to the App Store and checking out what features the app offers.

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