Apple iPhone XR outsmarts iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max sale by a large margin

In 2018, Apple flaunted its latest iPhone XS, iPhone XR and iPhone XS Max with expensive price stickers on it. Among the three smartphones, iPhone XR has bagged the best-selling iPhone badge in the US during the December quarter. The iPhone XR is a much cheaper alternative. It replaced the expensive OLED screen with LCD tech and offered fast performance, great camera experience and longer battery life.

According to a report by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), the iPhone XR accounted for 39 percent of total sales, outsmarting the total sales of both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max by a much larger margin as the devices accounted for just over 26 percent. However, this is not surprising, considering the iPhone XS didn’t manage to grab a good spotlight and it was outsold by its counterpart iPhone XS Max by “more than a two-to-one ratio.” The report also suggested that upgrading the storage options could probably help Apple over the coming years, given that people also consider the standard base model while purchasing a phone.

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“Since the first iPhone, Apple has offered upgraded storage as an option,”, said Mike Levin, CIRP Partner and Co-Founder. “For many years each additional storage level carried a $100 premium. Now iPhone prices increase from $50 to $200 for incremental storage, depending on the phone model and the size of the boost in storage. The percentage of iPhone buyers who paid up for increased storage grew to 38 percent this quarter from 33 percent in the year-ago quarter. Based on the elevated pricing associated with larger storage, as well as the model mix sold in the quarter, we estimate Apple increased its ASP to well over $800,” CIRP said. Additionally, the Cupertino giant is said to reveal its Q1 fiscal results on January 29.

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