Apple is likely to launch the 2024 OLED iPad with Samsung Display: Report

Apple is expected to launch an iPad with an OLED Samsung display in 2024, reported The Elec. According to the report, Samsung is already working on manufacturing the equipment to make the said OLED display panels for Apple’s iPads. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to make a big enough order “to make the project financially viable”.

The report suggests that both Apple and Samsung were working on making a 10.8-inch OLED display last year, but the entire project had to be stopped in Q3 2021. Reportedly, Apple had placed an order for “panels with a two stack tandem structure”, but turns out, this project was expensive for Samsung and it could not deliver as many panels as required at the right place.

This time, Samsung is likely to ready and deliver the equipment to Apple in 2023 for its upcoming OLED iPad, expected to debut in 2024. The report adds that Samsung is working to expand its Gen 8.5 IT OLED panels that will offer the tech that Apple needs, at the right price. For this to happen, Samsung needs new equipment and Apple’s approval.

As per the report, “Using Gen 5.5 (1300x1500mm) and Gen 6 (1500x1850mm) substrates will make the panels too costly, as fewer units of them can be cut out per substrate.”

Notably, Samsung is not the only option for Apple to get its displays. As per another report by The Elec, Apple is working with BOE to manufacture large-size OLED displays for Macs and iPads. BOE can reportedly manufacture OLED displays of up to 15-inch in size. Reportedly, the new BOE factory is capable of manufacturing OLED displays with two layers of red, green, and blue emission layers. This will allow iPads to offer higher brightness from their screens.

For the unversed, BOE currently supplies OLED displays for the latest iPhone 13 series.

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