Cupertino based technology company Apple seems to have a mind to make things easier for the app developers and boost revenues at the same time. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple is looking at a new initiative which is codenamed ‘Marzipan’ and it aims to enable the developers to create single apps that work the iPhone, iPad and the Mac by 2021. This ought to increase the efficiency of the development and maintenance of app as well as take less time which would mean that the extra time could be used in other projects.

This will ensure that more apps are developed for the App Store which in turn means more revenue for Apple in terms of app sales and in-app purchases. With its new initiative of a paid Apple News service Apple is looking to expand its services segment and the combines universal apps would be a big step forward in the direction. According the report Apple plans to do this in a step by step manner and the first step to that would be the ability for developers to port their iPad apps to Mac later this year using a new SDK which is rumored to be introduced this year at the WWDC 2019.

Apple’s approach seems similar to Microsoft ‘s one where it had plans to launch a universal Windows platform for PCs, smartphones, and tablets. But Microsoft gave up on those plans back in the year 2017. But Apple seems not not want to combine the iOS and MacOS just yet and is only looking at universal apps for now. Apple’s WWDC 2019 event dates reportedly set for June 3-7, and all will be revealed soon.

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