Apple is set to take on Tile, the accessory that helps users keep track of their personal belongings. The iPhone maker is said to be working on a Tile-like accessory suggests an internal build of iOS 13. The internal build contains an image of this purported accessory and it is likely to come in a circular shape. Like Tile, the accessory will be small and sport an Apple logo in the center. It will similar to other Bluetooth trackers and will remind its users about their keys, wallets and backpacks.

The image shared by MacRumors citing an internal iOS 13 build could be a mockup or a placeholder. There is a possibility that the final design of the device will vary at least slightly. The image also looks similar to the one shared by 9to5Mac in June. Guilherme Rambo was the first to reveal Apple‘s plans to introduce a Bluetooth accessory in April. The new report confirms that the tags are codenamed “B389” within Apple. There are reportedly many strings that giveaway the purpose of the product.

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“Tag your everyday items with B389 and never lose them again,” reads one of the strings. The tags will also be closely integrated with the new Find My app in iOS 13. The new app merged Apple’s previous Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app into one. The internal beta of iOS 13 shows a new “Items” tab in the Find My app. This could be used to track the location of your personal belongings. Like Tile, Apple users will get a notification when they are separated from a tagged item.

Users will also be able to tap a button in the Find My app to force Apple’s tag to emit an audible chime to locate the lost item. The tag itself might have an option to locate the phone. The report notes that there will “safe locations” where the user will not be notified if the item is left in these locations. Based on iOS 13 settings, users will also be able to share the location of these items with friends and family members.

The code also shows that users will be able to place an attached tag to “Lost Mode” when they are unable to find an item. If another iPhone user find that lost item, they will be able to view contact info for the item’s owner. They will also be able to contact them by phone or text message. This does seem like Apple taking advantage of its large user base to make the accessory a true IoT product. There will also be augmented reality component to the tracker. The accessory will use a removable button cell, normally found in watches and Tile tracker.

MacRumors further notes that this internal build is from June and Apple might drop the “Items” tab altogether. Apple has announced its next hardware event on September 10 where it is expected to launch three new iPhone. There are also rumors of a new Apple Watch and AirPods. The question is whether this accessory becomes the one more thing at this event.

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