Apple lets you pass on your digital legacy when you die: Here’s how to set it up

Apple has released its bouquet of updates for its devices. The company has released iOS 15.2, macOS 12.1, watchOS 8.3 and iPadOS 15.2 on the supported device. This bouquet of updates brings a host of new features on the Apple devices including Voice Plan on Apple Music, and App Privacy Report in Settings. In addition to this, Apple has rolled out Legacy Contact feature on iPhones, iPads and MacBooks and macs.

Apple’s Digital Legacy feature enables Apple users to designate people as Legacy Contact. A legacy contact can access a user’s iCloud account and personal information in the event of their death. Apple says that a Legacy Contact can access a variety of data including photos, messages, notes, files, apps they downloaded, device backups, and more. However, certain information, such as movies, music, books, or subscriptions they purchased with their Apple ID, and data stored in their Keychain, like payment information and passwords, cannot be accessed by a Legacy Contact.

Apple says that a Legacy Contact doesn’t need an Apple ID to access a user’s data. However, they must have the access key that their loved one created when they chose them as a Legacy Contact. In addition to that, the Legacy Contact must have the death certificate of the people to whom the account belonged.

Apple will review access requests from Legacy Contacts and approve access to a deceased person’s data only after verifying this information. “When your request is approved, you receive a special legacy contact Apple ID to access the account data. The account holder’s original Apple ID no longer works, and Activation Lock is removed on any devices that use their Apple ID,” Apple wrote in a support page. Apple also clarified that the Legacy Contact will have access to the legacy account for a span of three years from when the first legacy account request is approved, after which the legacy account will be permanently deleted.

How to set up a Legacy Contact

Step 1: Open the Settings app.
Step 2: Tap your name at the top.
Step 3: Choose Password & Security.
Step 4: Tap Legacy Contact option.
Step 5: Now choose Add Legacy Contact and follow the prompts.
Step 6: Share the unique access code with your Legacy Contact by text message or print it out.

How to remove a legacy contact from iCloud

Step 1: Open the Settings app.
Step 2: Tap your name at the top and then choose Password & Security.
Step 3: Tap Legacy Contact and then choose the person you would like to remove.
Step 4: Tap Remove Contact.

How to access iPhone data after a loved one passes away

Step 1: Go to Digital Legacy – Request Access page.
Step 2: Click “Request access” and sign in with your Apple ID or provide the requested contact information.
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the website to verify your identity, enter your access key, and upload the death certificate.

After Apple has verified and approved your request, you will receive an email containing details such as special legacy contact Apple ID for your loved one’s account. After that, you will be asked to enter your access key again and confirm your contact information, following which you will have to create a password and set up two-factor authentication for the legacy contact Apple ID. Once all of this is done, you will be able to access your loved one’s Apple account using the legacy contact Apple ID.

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