Some 16-inch MacBook Pro users are facing an issue with charging the device via MagSafe 3 connectors. As per the users on Reddit, Magsafe 3 connector often fails to deliver the expected charge when their MacBook is turned off and the lid is closed. According to a user on Reddit, when the laptop is turned off and the lid is also closed, is put it to charge, instead of turning green, the ‌MagSafe‌ light flashes amber and fails to deliver power to the MacBook’s battery.

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As per a video shared by the user, when put on charge, Magsafe 3 light is repeatedly flashing amber instead of green (confirms the device is fully charged) and not recharging the MacBook battery. The same issue has been reported by several users on the platform and Apple’s support page. The tech giant has given a few recommendations to fix the flashing of the MagSafe charger issue but as per the users, they are also not helpful in this scenario.

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A user on Reddit said that Apple has promised to replace his/her device due to this issue. As per the post, “So it’s not just me then! I have the EXACT same issue. Went to the genius bar and they tested with a cable and charger that they have and it still had the same problem. They said they would order a new 140 watt charger for me to see it would fix it but said most likely it’s a firmware issue but didn’t really provide any evidence for such a thing. I went home and the next day I get a call from Apple. Someone was calling me to follow up and they asked me a bunch of questions and provided instructions to run a special diagnostics program. After I did all that they said they want to take my MacBook and its charger back and that they would give me a completely brand new MacBook as soon as they get one. I’m still waiting for that but that’s where I’m currently at.”

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