Apple’s MacBook Pro 2021 lineup was unveiled recently, and it has already become a subject of debate for many. This year, Apple has experimented with the design by bringing a notch design to the latest MacBook Pro models. While many feel that it is a good design change as it also compliments the thinner bezels, others think differently. According to an Apple official, the notch design is a “smart way” to give users more room for their content.

In an interview with Same Brain podcast, Shruti Haldea, a manager for the Mac product line said that the notch provides more room for content as it removes the macOS menu bar out of the way. In a statement, she said, “We’ve actually made the display taller so you still have, like on the 16-inch notebook, you still have a 16-inch active area on the diagonal in that 16 by 10-inch window, and we just grew the display up through from there and put the menubar there. We just kind of moved it up and out of the way, so it’s a really smart way to give you more space for your content – and when you’re in full-screen mode like you said, you have that 16 by 10 window and it looks great. It’s seamless.”

The new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models come with 24 percent thinner bezels (on left and right) than their previous generations. According to Apple, the top bezel measures just 3.5 mm and is 60 percent thinner than older models.

In addition to the notch, the new laptops also come with a redesigned chassis, additional ports including HDMI and an SD card slot, MagSafe, mini-LED display with ProMotion and M1 Max chipset. The M1 Max chips are Apple’s in-house processors designed for professional consumers.

Notably, Apple was supposed to launch the MacBook Pro models and AirPods 3 on 26 October but got delayed to 29 October. The company has not revealed and specific reason for the delay.

MacBook Pro: Price in India

MacBook Pro 14-inch M1 Pro model with an 8-Core CPU, 14-Core GPU, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD is priced at Rs 1,94,900, and the 10-Core CPU, 16-Core GPU, 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD model is priced at Rs 2,39,900. Whereas, the 16-inch model with the M1 Pro chip starts at Rs 2,39,900, and the M1 Max powered variant is priced at Rs 3,29,900.

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