Apple may be planning to reintroduce its iconic rainbow logo with new iPhone models. The rainbow logo might make a comeback as early as this year. It is not clear which Apple products will get the iconic logo just yet. Apple used the classic rainbow logo when it launched the original Macintosh in 1984. It was used on other products launched the Macintosh as well. However, the iconic logo has never been used on iPhone or iPad by the company.

We might see Apple launch special edition iPhone with rainbow logo at fall event this year. It already makes special edition models like (PRODUCT)RED as part of iPhone launch. According to MacRumors, the information comes from a tipster who cited a corporate Apple employee in Cupertino, California. It is not clear whether the rumor has any value to it. But, Apple could invoke interest in iPhone once again by adding this classic touch. The report also states that the tipster has a longstanding connections to both Apple and related industries.

Apple’s rainbow logo is basically a six-color logo that made its debut with the launch of Apple II computer in 1977. It was widely used by the Cupertino-based company until 1998 and Apple then phased it out. The company then began using monochrome logo on its computers that eventually received backlight option as well. The newer Mac models have a space grey Apple logo and do not support backlight. While Apple has not used the rainbow logo in over 20 years, it does continue to embrace it in other ways.

The company recently decorated its Apple Park campus with the colors of the rainbow logo. MacRumors reports that the colors were splashed on stairs, walkways, coffee cups and even built a rainbow-designed stage for Lady Gaga’s performance. It is not clear whether the company is willing to experiment with design now that design chief Jony Ive has left the company. It is not clear whether this rumor will translate into a real prouct but it would be an interesting addition.

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