Apple has updated its operating system (OS) for iPhone users. After releasing iOS 13.6.1 in mid-August, the technology company from Cupertino, is now releasing iOS version 13.7 updates. In today’s search, Apple has presented a new feature related to the Covid-19 pandemic, namely Exposure Notifications. As the name suggests, this feature can alert users if they are within a radius of other users who have been exposed to Covid-19.

The exposure notification system uses Bluetooth signals from smartphones to determine how close and for how long two phones were in close proximity. This will work without collecting the users’ location or identification. Suppose one of the phone users tests positive for Covid-19. In that case, the system could send an automatic notification to the users of the other phones. They may have been exposed to the virus.

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Apple’s COVID Exposure in iOS 13.7: How will it work?

Now, instead of the user having to download an app, with the new exposure notification system, public health groups will be able to send a configuration file with their contact information and guidance.

With the new system, users will receive an automatic notification when it is available in their state or region. By clicking on that notification, you will be able to access a series of screens with information about the system to learn in detail how it works.The new system does not exclude existing applications. The apps will continue to be available from public health authorities, especially if they have other functions like symptom trackers.

Apart from that, the iOS 13.7 update itself has started to be distributed by Apple to a number of devices. Apart from the iPhone, the Covid-19 tracking system is also being carried over to the iPadOS update. To perform an update, users simply select the “Settings” menu, then select “General” and select the “Software Update” menu. There, select the “Download and install” option.

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