Apple says no to metaverse for its mixed reality headset

The metaverse trend is raging around the world and companies across industries – Samsung, Microsoft, Hyundai, Nike and Ralph Lauren to name a few – are rushing to capitalise on this trend. But not Apple. Word is that Apple is planning to skip focusing on its long touted AR/VR headset. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his ‘Power On’ newsletter said that Apple has thought about the metaverse and it has decided to skip this trend altogether.

“I’ve been told pretty directly that the idea of a completely virtual world where users can escape to – like they can in Meta Platforms/Facebook’s vision of the future – is off limits from Apple,” Gurman wrote in his newsletter. He also said that instead of being used as an all day device, Apple intends its mixed reality headset to be used in short bursts of time for a variety of purposes including gaming, content viewing and communication.

If the report is indeed true, Apple’s alternative approach to mixed reality could help in swaying the entire industry to take a different route as far as AR and VR techs are concerned. Alternatively, it could also lead to the company to miss out on another important opportunity.

What we know about Apple’s mixed reality headset

As far as the details are concerned, reports have hinted that Apple’s long-touted AR/VR headset is tipped to be powered by the company’s chipset that is more powerful than Apple’s M1 chipset. It will have 12 tracking cameras that will provide information to the two 8K displays. Additionally, it is tipped to come with LiDAR sensors. However, some reports suggested that the device could come with two 4K AMOLED displays by Sony.

Furthermore, reports in the past have hinted towards Apple’s mixed reality headset getting support for a virtual keyboard and hand gestures. Also, noted Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo in the past has said that the device will use ‘3P pancake lenses’ that will make the overall design of the mixed reality headset lightweight and compact. Additionally, it is tipped to feature support for Wi-Fi 6E that will enable it to connect with a separate device like an iPhone or an iMac and transfer large amounts of data with low latency.

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