Apple to boost iPhone production in India to reduce Chinese dependancy: Report

While it has been established that India is the next big manufacturing hub for smartphone makers, American tech giant Apple is looking to ramp up its iPhone production in India and reduce its dependency on the Chinese workforce where most of its iPhones are currently manufactured.

According to a Nikkei Asia report, Apple is exploring opportunities in countries like Vietnam and India to increase the production of its iPhones, iPads and Macs outside of China. The Cupertino giant is looking to move its production base away from China despite US-China relations expected to ease under US President Joe Biden.

The report also claims that Apple will increase the production of its smart speakers, headphones and computers in Southeast Asia.

iPhone production in India could start soon

Citing people close to this matter, the report also says that Apple plans to increase iPhone production in India as soon as the first quarter. The company is expected to start producing the iPhone 12 sometime in the middle of next year at Wistron’s facility in Karnataka.

iPad to be made in Vietnam

Apart from shifting the production base of the iPhone to India, the report also says that the iPad manufacturing could shift to Vietnam with production starting in the middle of this year. Apple is also mobilising its suppliers to increase the production of the HomePod Mini in Vietnam.

Apart from this, Apple is reported to have relocated some of its Mac Mini production to Malaysia and it is expected to move some of its production of the MacBook to Vietnam later this year.

Big plans

Foxconn, one of Apple’s contract-based manufacturing facility in India invested $200 million (Rs 2,000 crores approx) in Vietnam to invest in a manufacturing facility. It is also reported that Foxconn will invest $1 billion in India as part of the gradual production shift from China.

Apple hasn’t commented on the above report.

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