Apple to unveil first in-house processor for Macs in November: Report

Apple is set to launch the new iPhones later this month. But in addition to that, the company has few more announcements lined up in the coming months. According to report by Bloomberg, the Cupertino-based giant will have another event in November. And this time, we will get our first look at Apple’s in-house ARM-based processor Macs. Yes, many of us expected the chipset to make its debut in 2021. But the company is keen to show what it has managed to design for its computers.

The latest development more or less confirms that Apple will purely focus on the iPhone 12 series next week. And it probably is the right call. After all, why would you want to announce two products at the same event, when you can have two of them. Also, since the events are taking place virtually, it’s less of an effort on Apple’s part of set this up. From what we’ve seen with the launch event for Apple Watch Series 6 and the WWDC 2020, we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

According to media reports, Apple is lining up its first range of Macs with ARM-based processors in 2021. It says the company has multiple chipsets on development and could talk about its use to help developers align to the changes.  The switch to ARM for Apple will come as a blow to Intel, its chief supplier for Mac devices since 2005. Reports indicate that Apple has found Intel processors to be lagging behind the competition, ARM in this case. Their internal tests have seemingly given them the confidence to make this big move, which is likely to change the dynamics of design for Macs.

Apple to launch MacBook with new design form in future

Reports suggest using ARM-based processors could allow the company to reduce the size of its MacBook. Once the results with the new chipset are satisfying, Apple will gradually move its entire Mac lineup to the in-house hardware.

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