Apple launched the first smartphone to feature a notch in 2017 in the form of the iPhone X, and that became the cue for the industry in general to adopt the style as the standard for smartphone design. With notches on almost every smartphone available today, many may not be a fan of the trend. But it seems iPhone fans will have to cope up with the design trend for a while longer.

Tipstar Ice Universe has tweeted that the next gen iPhones that we will see will in probability have notches as well, and it won’t be until 2020 that we will see a change in the design. And he expects Apple to adopt the hole in display style in 2020. And most people believe that the notch trend is going to retained by Apple for at least two generations.

The tipster claims that Apple is likely to adopt the hole in a display after 2020. It is an interesting observation that Apple might be adopting the technology that has been introduced by the likes of Samsung and Huawei, which are its direct competitors. And if it does adopt the technology then it might be the first time that Apple will be adopting a style that some other company had already released.

Companies like Oppo and Vivo have tried to overlook the notch altogether by installing the front camera on moving parts that either pop up or slide out. And for the users of smartphones with notches, some may feel that it is a distraction but others say that they have grown accustomed to the design.

We suppose we’ll have to wait until the future smartphones actually make appearances and then judge the new technologies as and when we come across them.

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