Since the launch of the Apple Watch, news about the smartwatch saving lives has become increasingly common. The frequency of such news have increased after Apple launched its latest Apple Watch Series 4. Apple’s newest smartwatch features ECG and fall detection among other. As previously reported, both these features work reasonably well in the real world. In fact, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the feature as part of FDCA.

According to a recent report, a San Diego-based Doctor used his Apple Watch Series 4 to save a life. Dr. Tommy Korn, the person at the center of the report, used the ECG function on his Watch Series 4 to save the time. Korn shared his experience on his Twitter account giving us details about how things went down. Korn used the ECF feature to detect Atrial Fibrillation in a restaurant. Once he diagnosed the person, he called the ambulance to help the person in need. In addition to this, Korn also shared a video of the diagnosis, likely meant for the medical attendants.

The interesting part about this incident is that the person in question did not even own an Apple Watch. According to Korn, it was much easier to use this in a public setting than wondering about an ECG machine. A report by CultofMac indicated that A-fib does not showcase any symptoms of the issue. In fact, people have to visit the hospital to get the ECG test done to check for this condition.

Another interesting thing here is that Korn is an Ophthalmologist and not even a proper doctor. This likely means that anyone with an Apple Watch Series 4 can help save lives around them. In addition to this, Korn also revealed that the readings taken from other people won’t really create problems in his report. To ensure this, users simply need to go to the particular reading on their Health app. Once users are here, they can simply tap on the “Delete Recording” button.

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