Apple Watch helped save a kidnapped woman in the US: Here’s how

Apple Watch is one of the feature-rich smartwatches out there that not only helps people in tracking their health but has also helped people save their life. As part of a similar incident, an Apple Watch rescued a kidnapped woman in the US.

The Apple Watch’s accurate location data and the Emergency SOS feature helped the police track down the kidnapped woman and eventually rescue her. Here’s what all happened.

Apple Watch saves another life

As per a report by Fox San Antonio, a Selma (Texas) based woman was kidnapped after an argument with the kidnapper named Adalberto Longoria. It is suggested that the woman called her daughter to tell her about the whole situation. The call, however, got disconnected mid-way.

When the police were called, they used an emergency cellular ping to track down the woman, which was stated to be East Sonterra Blvd at the Hyatt Place Hotel. Since the Apple Watch showcased the exact location, the tracking became easy and the police were able to reach the victim.

Upon reaching the location, the woman was found in a vehicle in the parking lot. It was discovered that the woman and the kidnapper got into a fight over the vehicle in which was kidnapped. Longoria refused to give up the vehicle and wanted the woman to get her stuff out of it. When she went to get the stuff out of the bed of the truck, the kidnapper got into the driver’s seat and took off with her still in the truck.

The kidnapper ran away once the police arrived. But, he was later arrested and charged with aggravated kidnapping.

For those who don’t know, this isn’t the first time an Apple Watch helped save people’s lives. Back in November last year, a 25-year-old discovered irregularities in his heartbeat, which led him into visiting a doctor. With this, it was found that he needed an atrial ablation to correct the atrial flutter.

Previously, an Apple Watch also helped save the life of a 76-year-old with the help of its heart rate monitoring.

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