Apple Watch has been praised for its ability to save lives on multiple occasions. Similar to past instances, a new report has surfaced online indicating that the smartwatch has saved yet another life. This time we are talking about 48-year old Paul Hutton, a technology writer from Essex, England. The report revealed that the Apple Watch warned Hutton about low heart rate. Digging deeper, the smartwatch issued multiple warnings that his heart rate was dipping below 40bpm (beats per minute).

Hutton cut down his caffeine intake after initial warnings, Telegraph reports. However, the cut down in caffeine intake did not reduce the low heart rate warning. Hutton then went to the doctor for consultation after repeated warnings. The doctor diagnosed Hutton with a heart issue known as ventricular bigeminy. Ventricular bigeminy essentially results in irregular heartbeats, which result in inefficient blood pumping.

After diagnosis, Hutton underwent a three-hour procedure called cardiac ablation. As part of the procedure, the “doctors burned tiny areas of faulty heart tissue.” Doctors inserted electrodes in the heart through the artery in the groin. After inserting the electrodes, doctors go on to measure the electrical activity of the heart. After measuring the electrical activity, doctors use radio waves to burn away the tissues that are causing the issue in the heart. The report also revealed that Hutton was currently recovering from the procedure. He even went on to add that his heart “even coped” the Cricket World Cup 2019 finals.

Apple Watch: A savior in disguise

Hutton also revealed that he keeps checking his pulse with his Apple Watch. However, everything seems to be fine now according to the Watch measurements after the surgery. The report revealed that wearable devices similar to the Apple Watch can transform how people diagnose serious issues similar to this case. It is worth noting that this is not the first time when the smartwatch has alerted its users about serious health conditions before the initial signs of the problems.

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