A real-world image of the much anticipated and upcoming Apple Watch has just leaked online. The alleged image of Apple Watch Series 5 showcases a similar square body with rounded corners and curved glass. The company is expected to launch the watch at the Apple iPhone 2019 launch event next month. As per previous reports, Apple is planning to launch a number of different products at the launch event. These products will likely include the latest iPhones, iPad, MacBooks, Apple Watch, HomePod Mini, and more.

Apple Watch Series 5 details

According to Slash Leaks, the primary source of the image, the Apple Watch image surfaced on Instagram. Design-wise it does not look like Apple is planning to make any major changes in Watch Series 5. In addition to the square body, we can also see the crown on the right side with usual narrow bezels. According to the image, Watch Series 5 seems to showcase “Version 6.0” with sub-revision 17R5566a. It also indicates that the image was likely taken in France with Orange France 9.0 telecom operator.

The “Information” section of the Apple Watch Series 5 smartwatch sports A2157 model number. For context, Apple Watch Series 4 sports A2008 as the model number. Given that we can see the Operator and partial IMEI number, we are sure that this smartwatch features cellular connectivity. This is not the only information that has leaked about Watch Series 5 in the past few weeks. As previously reported, the upcoming Apple Watch will come with OLED display. The updated display will also offer better blacks, contrast, along with possible reduced power consumption.

Another report noted that the company is also planning to launch two new variants of the Watch Series 5. One variant of the upcoming wearable will feature a “titanium” body while the second one will be made with the help of “Ceramic” material. The company is expected to launch watchOS 6 along with the upcoming version of the wearable.

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