Apple will not force you to buy the original iPhone 13 screen

A broken display is one of the most common problems with smartphones. And when it comes to an iPhone, it surely will cost you a hefty amount while replacing the screen. You either seek out a repair from a manufacturer directly or via third-party vendors. But Apple has restricted the third-party vendors to completely fix your screen. As per a recent report, the Face ID will not work in iPhone 13 when it comes to replacing the screen.

DIY tutorial website iFixit earlier this month revealed that “the new iPhone 13 will completely stop working with its flagship Face ID functionality if you replace the screen with a third-party repair shop. FaceID, one of the flagship features of the iPhone, will not work if you have a screen replacement of your iPhone 13 by an unauthorized Apple Repair Center. The issue was not limited to a particular iOS version and existed even on the latest iOS 15.1.

Third-party screen replacement

Now the Apple seems to be working on the new update for the iPhone 13. Apple tells The Verge that the company will release a software update that will continue to operate even when the screen is replaced by a third-party replacement.

The report further states that the iPhone 13 has a small microcontroller that needs to be paired with the newly replaced screen, which only an authorized Apple repair person can do. The other third-party repair person would not be able to fix the screen without using secret software in the iPhone. Only an authorized technician with access to Apple Services Toolkit 2 can make the new screen work by logging the repair to Apple’s cloud servers and syncing the serial numbers of the phone and screen.

The iFixit report says that unauthorized repair shops can remove the chip on the original screen during a screen replacement, but this is a risky and challenging task as it requires new equipment like a microscope or high-resolution webcam, a hot air rework station, a fine tip soldering iron, and the necessary BGA stencils, flux, and other supplies.

With locking Face Id, The Cupertino-based tech giant is restricting small repair shops’ source of income at risk. It will force them to either shift find a job in an authorized Apple store or spend thousands on new equipment.

Fixit says, “Repair shops are still looking at a future that involves more micro soldering, more time, and possibly tighter profit margins, as they compete against a company that can fix its own firmware blocks from the cloud.”

Apple took this decision to reduce the number of third-party repairs, but now it has changed its decision. The tech giant will soon release a new software update to fix this problem.

There’s no timeline for when the update will release, but we can expect it to come soon.

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