The stage is set, the anchors are ready, the products are getting the final coat of paint – it is time for the WWDC 2021 event. Apple’s annual developer conference holds a lot of promise this year compared to previous years, especially for the Mac lovers. From new Pro Macs to iOS 15 to possibly new services, there’s a lot to expect from Apple this year at the WWDC 2021.

Of course, Apple is keeping everything under the cover for now and all of us will have to wait for Monday evening, i.e., June 7, to gloss over whatever Apple has in store for us. Rumours this year are adamant about certain new hardware announcements along with usual software revelations. The Mac lineup is expected to see more additions this year despite the M1 iMac and MacBooks impressing most with their shiny new designs.

Hence, if you can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us, join us on a short journey through all the expectations and rumours from the WWDC 2021.

Apple WWDC 2021 expected announcements

iOS 15

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Of course, a new iOS always marks itself as the star of the show for millions of iPhone users around the world. After last year’s radical changes with iOS 14, there’s a lot of expectations from iOS 15. The usual privacy and security upgrades are expected but rumours have also suggested minor design refinements, especially with icons and the Control Center.

The notifications could improve this year and will prioritize your current activity. Widgets are also expected to get another makeover this year, with more customization options as well as interactions. Additionally, iMessage is also expected to get upgrades in order to make it more competitive to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and the likes.

iPadOS 15

Apple iPad 8th Gen

Image: Apple iPad

Developments for iPadOS has halted in the recent years but Apple is expected to give it the bare minimum to justify the annual upgrade. Rumours suggest that widgets won’t be restricted to the widget pane anymore as users will be able place them anywhere across the homescreen. Additionally, more iPhone-like controls are expected to grace the iPad. With the M1 chip gracing the iPad Pro now, you can also expect several macOS-like features to seep in. Will we finally get a desktop-like experience with iPadOS this year?

macOS 12

macbook air new concept

Concept Image: Ian Zelbo

Apart from a new name based on a local area from the California region, not much is known about the next macOS this year. Rumours have, however, suggested more intuitive controls than the current ones. Apple could also focus on optimizing the OS for the new Apple Silicon chips and be more efficient than ever.

WatchOS 8

Apple fitness+

Similar to the iPadOS, WatchOS has also sort of stagnated in recent years. That’s not necessarily bad, given that the Apple Watch is unmatched for a smartwatch on this planet. This year though, you can expect to see more health features making it to the Watch. With Google and Samsung joining forces to focus on battery life, maybe Apple can also pull of something similar. For the flagship models, features such as mental health, stress tracking, and possibly more are expected.

New MacBook Pro, iMac Pro

Apple iMac 2021

Apple iMac 2021

We doubt this but with all the rumours floating around, why not keep this as part of our considerations? After the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and 24-inch iMac taking the Mac world by storm, Apple could turn its attention to the actual Pro models. A more powerful version of the M1 chip is expected to debut in order to make way for a new 16-inch MacBook Pro and 27-inch iMac Pro. Will Apple call it the M1X, or M2? You and me, both are stuck on the same ship called INS Wait Patiently.

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