Apple seems to be serious about offering products that benefit users on a real-time basis. In May 2018, SouthChinaMorningPost reported that Apple watch saved an old man from having a heart attack by alerting him of his heart rate. So, apart from tracking your health and pushing you to stay fit, a new report now suggests that future iPhone and Apple Watch models might protect you from harmful gases.

First spotted by PatentlyApple, the company has been granted a patent for sensors that can reportedly detect poisonous gasses, including carbon monoxide (CO). Apple could incorporate these type of sensors in its future iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch models. The sensors can also be leveraged in smart home and Internet of Things devices.

The cited source stated that Apple’s patent claim #9 points to a “target gas consisting of at least one of ozone (O.sub.3), nitrogen dioxide (NO.sub.2), nitrogen monoxide (NO), sulfur dioxide (SO.sub.2), carbon monoxide (CO), methane (CH.sub.4), and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and wherein the components of a gas mixture other than the target gas comprises poisoning species including siloxanes, sulfates, phosphates and chlorides, and/or interfering species such as water vapor.”

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Additionally, Apple filed for this patent in the year 2018, and as always, this is a just patent and there is no guaranty that this could be true. However, if by any chance this patent turns into a reality, this would probably be Apple’s “greatest contribution to mankind” and great life-saving tech. Besides, carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas, which can kill you in minutes due to its tasteless yet toxic state.

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