Apple is expected to launch its flagship iPhone 12 series of phones sometime later this year. According to what has been leaked so far, we will have four models compatible with 5G networks. Another recent report indicates that we would have two other separate models, only compatible with 4G and, therefore, cheaper. Now, a new report points out that the iPhone 12 series could come without the charger and Earpods in its retail box.

The source of the leak is Barclays analysts. If true, we would have to buy both the charger and headphones separately. Considering the above, we could witness the emergence of a trend that involves selling phones without a charger adapter included (only with the cable). However, this could bring negative consequences for the consumers, staring with the Apple iPhone 12.

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The elimination of the charger in the sales box of the iPhone 12 devices does not generate a new alternative in any other field. It only forces users to have to pay extra in case of not having a compatible charger. Although in the case of Android devices, it seems less likely. This is because manufacturers have been developing very powerful charging technologies as outlets for their phones. In order to use these, the compatible charger usually comes in the box.

Apple could also remove the EarPods from the box

Furthermore, the source also mentions that EarPods could also be removed from the sales package. This is something that the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also predicted in the past month. Moreover, the mass production of the iPhone 12 series has a delay of four to six weeks compared to previous years. However, Apple is still likely to announce them as usual in September. Finally, Barclays analysts also expect the two high-end iPhone 12 series to have a triple camera setup and a LiDAR sensor, introduced with the iPad Pro 2020.

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