Apple’s mixed-reality headset to sport dual 8K screens, cost $3,000

New details of Apple’s mixed-reality headset have been revealed in a report by The Information, which claims the device will be equipped with more than a dozen cameras for tracking hand movements. The report adds that the headset will feature dual 8K displays along with advanced eye-tracking technology.

Apart from a dozen cameras, the headset will also include LIDAR sensors, said to enable mapping rooms. Notably, the device will take advantage of eye-tracking technology to know where users are looking to render peripheral areas in a resolution lower than 8K. This is said to improve performance given the 8K displays will not function at full resolution the entire time.

Apple’s mixed reality headset will use mesh material and a sleek, curved visor to lighten the weight of the device. The headbands will be swappable. Further, the website claims that the headset could come with a price-tag of $3,000 (around Rs 2 lakhs), which is significantly expensive compared to standalone VR headsets such as Oculus Quest 2 priced at $299 (approximately Rs 21,800).

The latest information is in line with a Bloomberg report that claims Apple’s first headset is designed to be a “pricey, niche precursor to a more ambitious augmented reality product that will take longer to develop”.

Apple’s mixed-reality headset could launch in 2022

According to the report, Apple’s headset could launch as soon as 2022. “This time, though, Apple isn’t looking to create an iPhone-like hit for its first headset. Instead, the company is building a high-end, niche product that will prepare outside developers and consumers for its eventual, more mainstream AR glasses,” as per the report.

The headset is reportedly codenamed N301 and is in a late prototype stage. In terms of hardware, Apple’s headset could be powered by the Apple Silicon hardware, developed by the company internally. It is said to be more powerful than Apple’s M1 chip. Though the new Apple headset is said to include more VR features compared to AR, Bloomberg suggests that it would be a precursor to an eventual pair of AR glasses.

Meanwhile, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in a research note that Apple is gearing up to unveil its new augmented reality device in 2021, though he did not specify whether it will be Apple AR headset or AR Glass. Notably, the company is said to be working on multiple AR and VR devices for years. However, among the first devices to commercially launch could be its AR headsets or glasses. According to a previous Bloomberg report, “Apple Glasses” will not be available for purchase until 2023.

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