Apple’s mixed reality headset will use the same power adapter as MacBook Pro

Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset has been in the news for quite some time now. Reports have tipped the premium device to launch sometime this year. In addition to that, reports have also detailed the specifications, particularly, pertaining to the display and the processing power of the AR/VR headset. Now, a new report has revealed details about the battery capacity of the company’s much-awaited mixed reality headset.

As per a report by Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple’s mixed reality headset will draw high amounts of power in order to keep up with the high processing demands of the device. Kuo said that Apple will ship its mixed reality headset with a 96-watt power charger. What’s interesting about this power charger is the fact that it is the same power charger that the company ships with its 14-inch MacBook Pro.

This report is in sync with an earlier report by the Apple analyst wherein he predicted that Apple’s VR headset would offer Mac-class Apple Silicon performance. Although there are no comparisons to be made as the device is expected to have a chipset that is different from the one that the company uses in its Macs. However, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that its performance will be in vicinity owing to the fast image analysis capabilities that gaming and other use cases would demand.

9To5Mac notes that while the device will come with a bigger battery, it will offer only a few hours of battery life owing to the processing bulk load. However, that isn’t expected to be a cause of concern for the company as it doesn’t intend its VR headset to be used for a prolonged period of time.

Coming to the specifications, reports have hinted towards the headset getting 12 tracking cameras that will provide information to the two 8K displays. It is also tipped to come with LiDAR sensors. As per an older report by Kuo, Apple’s VR headset is expected to come with 3P pancake lenses and support for Wi-Fi 6E for connectivity.

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