Avatarify app lets you animate photos to ‘What is love’, ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’: What is it, how to use

My best friend sent a short clip of me singing the popular Haddaway’s ‘What is love’ and it was fun at first. Of course, it did not take me long to figure out that it was some app doing that to my photo. She sent me a few more clips of my husband swaying his face to some tune and then her mom. Slowly, the feeling changed to scary, realising how technology can make people do things that they have never done.

The ‘Avatarify: AI Face Animator’ app, which is available on iPhone, actually lets people control the faces of others in a photo and make them sway to a song or deliver dialogues. All you need is the app and a photo. I have to admit, it sure is fun, probably the reason why it has a 4.8 rating on the Apple App Store, thanks to over 22,000 ratings.

So, what is Avatarify app, why is it trending, and how to use it? We take a look:

What is Avatarify app?

Avatarify is an animated app that takes advantage of advanced neural network to essentially put animation to faces in a photo. So, for instance, one can make a photo sing, whether of a celebrity or a friend or someone they know. Thanks to the animator app, it will seem as if the face is moving for real. For starters, the app offers avatars of some well-known celebs like Jackie Chan and Elon Musk or new avatars can be added as well by selecting a photo from the phone’s gallery.

“Become whoever you want with Avatarify. Upload a photo of a celebrity or your boss and record a short video. Our advanced neural network will put all your facial expressions and emotions on the photo and enliven it. Your friends’ next surprise is just a couple of taps away,” the description of the app on the App Store read.

How to use Avatarify app?

Download the Avatarify app from the Apple App Store. As of now, the Avatarify app is only available on the Apple App Store officially. Once downloaded, open the app. The permissions required by the app include access to photos from the phone’s gallery.

• Open the Avatarify app and select an image you want to animate from the phone’s photo gallery or choose from one of the pre-existing options.

• Make sure the face in the photo is clear and fits to scale.

• You can choose between a bunch of GIFs that the app offers or record a video of your own using the Live Mode.

• Do note that the image will mimic the expressions of whichever you select, whether a GIF or Live Mode.

• Once you’ve selected a GIF or recorded a video, the app will automatically animate the image accordingly.

• Finally, simply check the preview and either save the animated image or directly share on popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

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