Battlegrounds Mobile India bans over 1.4 lakh accounts, reveals nicknames of cheaters

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) has banned over 1,42,766 accounts in India. The developers have also revealed the nicknames of the cheaters that have been removed from the platform. The players were permanently banned during the period of December 6 to December 12.

In a statement, the game developers said, “Dear Battlegrounds Mobile fans, 142,766 accounts were permanently banned from Dec 6 ~ Dec 12. We would also like to present you the entire list of cheaters who have tried to ruin our Battlegrounds.” In order to view the entire list of nicknames of cheaters, click here.

The company further said, “Battlegrounds Mobile India will strive to implement strong sanctions with the ultimate goal of eradicating the use of illegal programs in order to provide you a pleasant gaming environment.”

Earlier this month, Battlegrounds Mobile India announced that they had banned 1,57,728 accounts permanently in the period of November 17 to November 23. The developers had also shared the list of nicknames that were banned.

BGMI provides an alert to the account before deleting it permanently. The player gets a choice to delete the data that is questionable or even to make repairs. If the player continues to use the compromised version of the game their account will be deleted.

Earlier this month, BGMI also announced that players who had used PUBG Mobile Normdic Map: Livik (“Prior App”) before, Battlegrounds Mobile India (“New App”) will transfer some of the data from the Prior App account to the New App. The data transfers will be available until December 31.

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