Battlegrounds Mobile India Dune crossover: How to get Dune-themed pan, parachute, and other rewards

BGMI x Dune Crossover: Battlegrounds Mobile India is getting a crossover with Denis Villeneuve’s directed movie Dune. With the new collab, players in the BR title will witness special Dune-themed in-game items. Gamers will be to earn the rewards from the new crossover till the second week of November.

Krafton announcing the BGMI X Dune crossover said that they will provide players special rewards. It will be hosted in BGMI’s EvoGround mode. Here are all the details on the latest sci-fi movie Dune and BGMI collab rewards-

BGMI and Dune crossover rewards: Dune pan, parachute, and more

To grab hold of the new rewards, players will have to complete in-game missions. As mentioned earlier, they will witness the collaboration in the game’s EvoGround mode. Upon playing five times one can get 50 Royale Pass (RP) points. By playing EvoGround mode 10 and 20 times, gamers will get a chance to win Dune themed pan, and parachute. The crossover will continue in the game till November 11.

Unlike the previous Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration that stays in the game till November 16, this isn’t a major crossover. The previous collab brought tons of Godzilla vs. Kong-themed items, and players had a chance to team up with Godzilla and Kong to fight Mechagodzilla in the Titans: Last Stand mode. But while Dune has become Warner Brothers’ ‘biggest box office opening this year,’ Krafton seems to have preferred tapping into the mainstream popularity to increase its fan base.

That said, the developers have recently announced Diwali-themed rewards to celebrate the occasion. As part of Diwali celebrations, Krafton has brought bonus UC (in-game credit), that players can obtain on purchase of UC bundles. In addition, players would also stand a chance to get the Nether Aristo set, Pumpkin Cavalier set, Pumpkin Cavalier cover, Mecha Reaper set, Bonds of Blood set, and Mecha Bruiser set through lucky spins for a limited period. Among other benefits, there are certain discounts made available on the lucky spins during this period. There are Lucky Coins tagged on lucky spins which players can use to exchange them for the in-game cosmetics from the in-game shop.

On a related note, the developers are gearing up to launch PUBG Mobile’s upgrade version PUBG New State in India and more than 200 countries globally on November 11, the same day when the latest crossover comes to an end. You can read all about the futuristic version of the BR game here.

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