PUBG Mobile India version aka Battlegrounds Mobile India game was released in India last month. The Indian version of PUBG Mobile global is currently available only for Android users. To download BGMI on your Android phone, head to Google Play store. But what about iOS version of PUBG Mobile India game?

Soon after the BGMI Android release, iPhone users took to several social media websites including Twitter to request for the launch of BGMI iOS version. It has been over a month since iOS users have been requesting game developer Krafton to release the BGMI version for them. While Krafton is updating the Android version of the game with every passing day, there are no official updates on the coming of iOS version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India

When will BGMI release for iOS

Game developer Krafton has not revealed any details about the release of the BGMI iOS version on the Apple App store. While several media reports have been hinting at the launch of BGMI iOS version later this month, practically it looks unlikely. If Krafton would plan to release the iOS version of Battlegrounds Mobile India this month, the beta version would be out by now.

To recall, before the release of the Battlegrounds Mobile India stable version of Android, Krafton was out with the beta version of the game. The idea was simply to test the mobile game with select testers and then release it for every other Android user in the country. Krafton is expected to do the same for iOS release as well. So, it appears that iOS users will need to wait for some more time to get access to the Battlegrounds Mobile India game on their iPhone.

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