Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registrations to start tomorrow: 5 things you need to know

Krafton Inc will start accepting pre-registrations for Battlegrounds Mobile India from May 18. Even though the company has revealed that it will start accepting pre-registrations, it has not revealed when the game will be made available in the country, but some rumours suggest that the launch will take place on June 10. Here we will be taking a look at the top five things you need to know about Battlegrounds Mobile India ahead of its pre-registrations.

Battlegrounds Mobile India replaces PUBG Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a rebadged version of PUBG Mobile India, which Krafton Inc has was teasing to launch in the country after the ban on PUBG Mobile. The reason behind the rebadging ahead of the launch is unknown. The company has shut down the website replacing it with the domain. It has set up a new Facebook page for the same and renamed its PUBG Mobile India YouTube channel and Instagram page while at the same time removing all older videos and posts.

Pre-registrations will be made available only on the Google Play Store

Pre-registrations will initially only go live on the Google Play Store. Krafton Inc in its latest press release has stated that the Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration will only start on the Google Play Store on May 18.  The company is yet to reveal pre-registration, launch details for iOS.

How to pre-register

Battlegrounds Mobile India will be made available for pre-registration on May 18 at around midnight. After the pre-registration link is live, you can head over to the Play Store and search for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Open the app page and tap on the “pre-register” button. That is it, you are now pre-registered and will be notified whenever the app is made available.

Pre-registration rewards up for grabs

Krafton has announced that it will be providing all users who pre-register for the game with special in-game rewards at the time of launch. It has not detailed the rewards, however, has stated that they will be specific to Indian players only.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will remain exclusive to India

Battlegrounds Mobile India developer has announced that the game will launch exclusively in India and will maintain its exclusivity. This means that if you reside outside of India you will not be able to pre-register for the game or play it, without spoofing your device location. Apart from this, it has not revealed if Battlegrounds Mobile India players will be able to play with global PUBG Mobile players and take part in international events or not.

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