Battlegrounds Mobile India, PUBG Mobile to get a unified season system: What it means?

Battlegrounds Mobile India launch is just around the corner and as a mandatory ritual, we are seeing a number of teasers and leaks before the game makes its official entry. The most latest one hints at another new feature, giving us an inkling that the battle royale game will be related to the now-banned PUBG Mobile.

This comes after a number of teasers released by Krafton that throw light on the PUBG Mobile-like elements we are to see in the upcoming game. Here’s what new information has popped up.

Battlegrounds Mobile India new details leaked

As per a report by Sportskeeda, Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile are most likely to share the season system. Both games will get a Super Season 1 as part of a new update post the game’s launch in India.

Multiple YouTubers and PUBG Mobile data miners have suggested that the “developers are planning to reboot the season system and start the count from one again.”

This means that both PUBG Mobile and its rebranded version for India will now start with season 1, leading to a unified season system for both. This way, both games will get the same seasons and the same features that will come along each season. While details remain unknown, there are chances that Battlegrounds Mobile could twist the same so that there isn’t a direct connection with PUBG and it can most likely avoid any banning issues.

Additionally, PUBG Mobile 1.5 beta users have found hints of SS1 and RS1, which is Super Season 1 and Retro Season 1, respectively. The new Recon pack, which is exclusive to people who are pre-registering for Battlegrounds Mobile India, has also been spotted. This strongly hints at the unification.

For those who don’t know, Battlegrounds Mobile India is expected to come with a PUBG-like Erangel map, which will be called “Erangle.” It will also feature the famous UAZ vehicle. It is also suggested that the game’s inventory could also be similar to the one found in PUBG Mobile.

While Krafton has been leaking little details every now and then, there’s still no word on the official launch date. Several rumours and even cryptic teasers hint at a June 18 launch, though.

Since an official word isn’t out yet, stay tuned to this space for all the information you need.

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