Battlegrounds Mobile India, the new or to say the tweaked version of PUBG Mobile made its way to the Android platform on July 2. Krafton, recently kickstarted a two-day launch party to celebrate the debut of its new BR title in the country. With the launch party celebration ending on July 9, the developer has come up with some fresh news. BGMI players on Android can fasten up their belt for the new Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20.

Krafton on its official site cited that Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 19 will end on July 14 and the new season will kick in. The developer behind PUBG Mobile has mentioned changes that gamers will witness in Season 20. Here are all the details.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20: Royal Pass ranking, rewards, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India Season 20 will begin a few hours after Season 19 closes in. With the new season, players will see significant changes to the ranking of Royal Pass. Krafton in the official BGMI site cited that Season 20 will be different from the previous one and three seasons will be combined as a cycle. Seasons in the first cycle will be marked C1S1, C1S2, and C1S3 while the second cycle that will commence after the first one will have seasons named as C2S1, C2S2, C2S3.

Players will also get the chance to win additional rewards by consecutively achieving a specific tier within a cycle.

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“From Royal Pass Season 20, the season will run on a monthly basis. Abbreviation of season, e.g., S1, S2… will be changed to M1, M2… etc., and Season 20 will be named as M1, Season 21 as M2,…” Krafton mentioned in the post.

Notably, Battlegrounds Mobile India’s new season cycle will begin on July 14 at 7:30 AM IST. While the season will run on a monthly basis starting Season 20, instead of spending on one Royal Pass for two months, BGMI will release a different Royal Pass every month. Krafton did cite a word of caution saying that the Royal Pass is a seasonal item that can only be used until the end of the corresponding season. Players won’t be able to use the Royal Pass after the end of the season but rather have to re-purchase when a new season kicks in. BGMI players are advised to claim all rewards from Royal Pass Season 19 before it ends on July 14, by 5:29:59AM.

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