Beeper app universal chat app will integrate iMessage on Android, Windows

Apple iMessage has forever been exclusive to Apple devices. But the new Beeper app, which is the brainchild of Pebble CEO and founder Eric Migicovsky, aims to change that by offering a cross-platform that unifies 15 chat networks including WhatsApp, Instagram, Signal, Twitter, Telegram, and iMessage among others. What’s more, it is available on macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Migicovsky announced in a tweet that he has been using Beeper as his default chat client for two years. For those wondering how Beeper will get iMessage to work on Android, the company itself admitted that “this was a tough one to figure out”, but it looks like it has found a workaround. “And yes, iMessage works even on Android, Windows and Linux using some trickery,” tweeted Migicovsky.

The company is sending each user a jailbroken iPhone (yes, you heard it right!) with the Beeper app installed which bridges to iPhone. “Yes! That is EXACTLY what we’re doing. I have 50 iPhone 4s sitting here at my desk,” Migicovsky said in a consecutive tweet.  Of course, those who already have a Mac that is always connected to the internet will just need to install the Beeper Mac app that will act as a bridge.

The Beeper app is built on the Matrix open source project that lets developers write ‘bridges’ between Matrix other chat networks, like WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, Skype, and more. Do note that Beeper is a subscription service and those using it will need to pay $10(Rs 730 approx) per month.

So, how does the Beeper app work? According to the website, it seamlessly integrates Twitter DMs, WhatsApp, iMessage, and more into a single inbox. One can search for chats from other chat networks on a single platform and even snooze, archive, and set reminders.

Apart from the 15 apps that it already integrates, Beeper says it is adding a new network every few weeks. And the next feature that is coming to Beeper is, you guessed it right, Dark Mode. As of now, Beeper is a limited test and users will need to sign up for it to use the service. Here’s a list of chat services that the Beeper app will support:

• Whatsapp
• Facebook Messenger
• iMessage
• Android Messages (SMS)
• Telegram
• Twitter
• Slack
• Hangouts
• Instagram
• Skype
• Matrix
• Discord
• Signal
• Beeper network

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