BenQ brings two new eye-care entertainment monitors in India starting Rs 29,999

Taiwanese consumer electronics manufacturer BenQ has launched two new eye-care entertainment monitors in the Indian market at a starting price of Rs 29,999.

The EW3280U is a 32-inch monitor and EW2780Q is 27-inch in size and both come with enhanced HDRi technology, customised speakers from the ‘treVolo’ team of audiophile experts.

Asus and ViewSonic are other players in this segment that offer eye-care monitors.

It also comes with brightness and colour temperature-sensing technology called ‘Brightness Intelligence Plus’. The company says that the monitors feature a wide color gamut to make its entertainment series the perfect companion to enjoy entertainment content. The company promises to deliver extraordinary audio-visual immersion and at the same time keeping in mind the eye-health of the users via its eye-care feature.

“In line with our endeavour to bring enjoyment and quality to life, these new monitors have been built to deliver brilliant image quality, clear sound and reliable performance with reduced eye-fatigue. Users can enjoy all kinds of features in a single device thereby, making these ‘BenQ Monitors’ a great choice for watching movies, music videos and any content in which impactful sound and picture quality are essential,” said Rajeev Singh, Managing Director, BenQ India.

With 95 per cent DCI-P3 of EW3280U and 99 per cent sRGB (Standard Red Green Blue) of EW2780Q, users could enjoy graphics in a console game with Xbox/PlayStation and real life-like colours in movies or series, respectively.

The new BenQ Entertainment Series monitors also offers a remote control that comes bundled with one-touch five-function navigator control on the display and a convenient volume wheel.

The need for eye-care monitors has grown in the past couple of months considering that a majority of the working population has shifted to a work from home model. The fact that they have to spend hours looking at the screen can lead to a lot of fatigue and also damage the eyes.

Many people have raised concerns about this issue which is where the new BenQ eye-care entertainment series of monitors fit the bit.

–with inputs from IANS.

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