Earphones are one of the most popular smartphone accessories that smartphone owners purchase in the Indian market. They likely compete with the likes of chargers, mobile cases, and even power banks for the top spot for accessories. Back in the day, most phone making companies bundled a pair of inexpensive earphones inside the phone box. However, now in the world of cut-throat competition and razor-sharp competition, that practice has reduced significantly. What is more surprising is that this trend is not limited to the budget or mid-range smartphones. Instead, one can see a similar trend across the board.

However, the increase in this trend further pushes the demand for earphones in the smartphone accessory market. The rise of music streaming services and accessibility of mobile internet at affordable rates has also made earphones popular. All these factors push the buyers to look for a pair of earphones. Most buyers are not willing to break their bank account while buying a pair of earphones. Instead, they are only looking for a decent pair in an already-crowded mobile-accessory market. So, to help you with your problems, here is a list of top 10 earphones in the market below Rs 1,000.

1More Piston Fit

1MORE - Piston Fit

First up, we have the Piston Fit by 1More. This pair of earphones has gained a lot of praise over the last couple of years for its value and quality. Piston Fit features a 45-degree in-ear design along with an aluminum alloy sound chamber and metal diaphragm. They also come with in-line audio controls with a single button and built-in microphone. 1More has also launched a “Smart Burn-in” app that allows users to further control the earphones. Interested buyers can get this for just Rs 699.

Sony MDR AS210AP

Sony MDR-AS210AP

MDR AS210AP from Sony is the next offering in the best earphones under Rs 1,000 marker. The highlight of this pair is that it is made for athletes of people who like to work out. This pair comes along with a Clip On-Ear loop and a rather long cable code. Both these factor in to ensure that the earphones stay on during the work-out or a range of physical activities. This pair also comes with a “Smart Key” app to further customize remote functions. Similar to the last offering this one also features in-line microphone along with 13.5mm audio driver for good audio. Buyers can get them for just Rs 999.

Audio-Technica ATH COR150

Audio-Technica ATH-COR150

ATH COR150 earphones from Audio-Technica offer an impressive value for the price. This pair of earphones feature 8.5mm dynamic drivers while producing some impressive bass. Audio-Technica has also added removable oval hangers making the earphones ideal for work-out. This also comes “Snap-on, Snap-off” ear hooks that can easily convert them in “over-the-ear” earphones from mere in-ear earphones. It does not come with built-in earphones and interested buyers can purchase them for just Rs 729.

JBL T210

JBL T210

T210 come with 8.7mm drivers with Neodymium magnet for improved sound reproduction. This pair of earphones come with a built-in microphone and in-line media playback controls. JBL includes additional ear-tips in the box along with a pouch to carry these earphones. This pair offers good, punchy sound reproduction in an aluminum housing. It is also worth noting that this pair also comes with flat tangle-free cables. Buyers can head online to purchase this pair for just Rs 899.

Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2 are the second generation of wired-earphones that smartphone maker Realme recently launched in the market. As noted in our review, the second generation follows up from the first generation launched earlier this year. Realme Buds 2 have made significant improvements over its predecessor when it comes of the sound stage, audio reproduction, and the built quality. These improvements make Realme Buds 2 a good contender for your hard-earned money. The pair also comes with in-line controls and a built-in microphone. Interested buyers can buy this pair for just Rs 599 after checking out review.

Audio-Technica ATH CLR100iS

Best earphones, Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100iS

ATH CLR100iS is the second Audio-Technica product in our earphones under Rs 1,000 list. The company has added 8.5mm dynamic drivers in this pair along with a built-in microphone. As per information online, this pair manages to produce good punchy music with immersive bass and a wide sound stage. Interested buyers can head to the internet and buy them for just Rs 699.

Sony MDR EX155

Sony MDR-EX155

MDR EX155 come with 9mm dynamic drivers and Neodymium magnet for improved sound reproduction, clarity, and bass. Unlike some of the earphones in this list, this one does not feature a built-in microphone. Sony has added four different sizes of ear tips along with this pair of earphones. Sony has also ensured that this pair features a serrated design to avoid any entanglement and knots. Buyers can get this pair for just Rs 899 online.

JBL -T110

JBL - T110

T110 is one of the most popular pair of earphones from JBL in this price bracket. The popularity of this pair comes along with comfortable design and impressive audio performance. This pair comes with 9mm dynamic drivers and Neodymium magnets. Other features include built-in earphone and in-line audio playback controls. The Internet has praised this pair for its extra bass during audio playback and tangle-free flat cable design. JBL also adds additional Ear tips in the box along with the earphones.

Xiaomi Mi Basic Wired Headset

Xiaomi Mi Basic Wired Headset best earphones

Mi Basic Wired Headset is one of the most popular and affordable pair of earphones for people in this range. This pair of earphones features 10mm audio drivers along with “Ultra-deep Bass” technology. It also comes with in-line controls for playback control and built-in microphone. The company has also included a metal diaphragm along with L-shaped phone connector. Xiaomi also claims that it has designed this pair to ensure that they don’t slip out of the ears easily. Interested buyers can get these for just Rs 399.

boAt BassHeads 100

boAt BassHeads 100

Talking about the last pair of earphones, we have got the boAt BassHeads 100. boAt has added 10mm drivers in this pair along with a built-in microphone and media playback controls. Similar to some of the previous offerings, this one also includes some extra ear-tips in the box. Interested buyers can get this pair for just Rs 399.

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