Best NBN & broadband plans in Australia compared: Updated January 2019

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With so many options available, it can be a bit of a headache choosing the right broadband or NBN connection for your home. There’s plenty to consider: whether the NBN is actually available to you or not, if you think a cable connection is going to be your best bet, or if ADSL is sufficient for your needs. Regardless your situation, we’re hoping our comparison will help you out.

On this page, you’ll find a list of our recommended broadband deals separated into three types of connection: NBN, ADSL and cable. We update this page regularly when offers change or new ones become available, so it’s worth coming back to this article when you’re ready to sign up for a new plan.

Best NBN plans

After years of waiting, many Australians are now finding that the NBN has finally reached their area. If you do have access to a fibre connection, it’s definitely worth considering one of the plans below. The vast majority of plans offer unlimited data, with the price difference basically reflecting the speed you’ll be getting.

Best value

Premium package

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Best ADSL plans

ADSL customers have a number of great options on offer, ranging from a sensible amount of data to straight up unlimited downloads. Depending on the amount of data you’re likely to use each month, you’ll almost certainly be able to find a great broadband deal to suit your needs. 

 Best value

Budget option

  • Not exactly what you’re after? Check out more options with our ADSL plan finder!

Best cable internet plans

If sturdiness and incredible speed is what you’re after, cable is a good option for those who can get it. Offering speeds of up to a whopping 100Mbps, cable can be a suitable alternative to the NBN, depending on your plan. Unlike ADSL, you don’t need a phone line and your monthly quota is generally high. That said, you can experience decreased bandwidth during peak usage hours. 

Best overall value

Other factors to consider

It’s important to note these recommendations do not take into consideration other factors which could make certain deals a better option for you. For instance, do you already have a Telstra mobile plan and home phone line? If so, combining them with a Telstra cable or ADSL connection on the same Telstra bill could save you money overall, same with Optus. We’ll leave these decisions to you, though.

When applying for new broadband deals, make sure you’re not already signed up to a contract you can’t get out of – most broadband contracts are on 12 or 18 month terms, so it’s important to contact your current provider before committing to anything else. 

Another thing worth noting is some services may not be available in your area. If a particular deal seems good to you, head over to the provider’s website to find out if it’s available at your address. 

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