Bethesda Softworks’ latest venture is Elder Scrolls: Blades which is the first mobile version of any Elder Scrolls game and was announced back in November 2018. Since then the release of the game was delayed to 2019 and now the game has hit early access on Android and iOS devices. This means that we are now close to the launch of the game, though there is no official release date yet. The early access is available to those that were invited to the first wave.

Though others who want to try out the early access version of the game can do so by looking for The Elder Scrolls: Blades on the store and installing the version which says that it is unreleased and made by Bethesda Softworks LLC. Players will need to sign up or sign in using their Bethesda ID and then be able to play a very short version of a teaser of sorts which will give a hint to the storyline. Players will need to sign up for the early access on the Bethesda website. Once the initial description is over, players will be able to kill what seems to be a regular enemy and then the game concludes asking them to log in and be notified of when it is being released.

Besides this the in-game purchases have been made live which shows that the in-app purchases will go up to $99.99 making it one of the costlier smartphones games we would see. There will be options to buy secondary currencies and loot boxes. But it can be changed before the final release of the game.

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