Beware! Posting a photo of your boarding pass on social media may get you in trouble

People these days are addicted to social media platforms a lot. They even upload photos of the boarding pass on social media networks without even knowing about the security risk. They just brag business class or economy class boarding pass when they are jetting off on a holiday. It is worth noting that by doing this you might land in a trouble and you could end up giving the key to the lock of your personal details. In simpler terms, sharing your boarding pass on any social media network could lead to identity theft, duplicate credit cards and much more. Aside from your name and destination, your boarding pass also carries other sensitive details.

To begin with, if your boarding pass carries information related to frequent flyer card (cardholder’s name) or the number of your loyalty, then this information is enough for a hacker to log into your account on the airline’s website. Additionally, the PNR on your boarding pass includes a frequent flyer number, and with some social engineering tricks, a hacker can easily get into your frequent flier account and change the password and avail all of your bonus miles.

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Most importantly, your boarding pass carries details of PNR, which is a reservation code. It is basically a unique identification number of the passenger in the computer reservation system. Notably, with the help of the PNR number, one can get the payment information (like a credit card number) and also passport number, which can further help a hacker expose your personal data. Additionally, if the PNR also includes your mobile number, a hacker can also create an identical SIM card and illegally steal your hard-earned money from the account. A hacker can also cancel your ticket by leveraging your personal data.

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