BGMI 1.6 update: Season C1S2 rewards, M3 Royale Pass weapons skins, outfits, and more

BGMI 1.6 update: BGMI’s latest update has hit the server bringing players tons of new features to try with and levitate the gameplay. With the new update comes the C1S2 season in the game. The season includes a new Royale Pass that tags along ‘colourful outfits,’ and rewards.

In addition, there are new tier rewards, and a reset to the player’s tiers as well. Here is everything about BGMI 1.6 update Season C1S2 tier rewards and M3 RP items details.

BGMI 1.6 update: C1S2 tier rewards

As spotted by Sportskeeda, the new season includes seven different sets of rewards- from Silver to Conqueror tier rewards. Here are the details.

Silver-tier rewards

Upon reaching the Silver tier in BGMI C1S2 season players will get-
C1S2 Hat, 400 silver fragments, 15 Supply crate coupon scraps, and 180 AG currency rewards.

Gold tier rewards

The gold tier rewards include- C1S2 Set, 600 silver fragments, 20 Supply crate coupon scraps, and 245 AG currency.

Platinum tier rewards

Players who reach the Platinum tier in the C1S2 season will get- 800 silver fragments, C1S225 Supply crate coupon scraps, and 305 AG currency rewards.

Diamond tier rewards

Diamond tier rewards include- C1S2 Groza, 1000 silver fragments, 10 Classic crate coupon scraps, and 370 AG currency.

Crown tier rewards

Crown tier in BGMI C1S2 season includes the following rewards- 3 Rating Protection Card, 1300 silver fragments, 20 Classic crate coupon scraps, and 430 AG currency.

Ace tier rewards

The Ace tier includes a host of rewards from C1S2 Ace Parachute, C1S2 Ace Title, C1S2 Ace Master Title (4700), and C1S2 Ace Dominator Title (5200)C1S2 Ace Name Tag, C1S2 Ace Master Name Tag and C1S2 Ace Dominator Name Tag, Ace exclusive team-up special effect, Ace Master exclusive team-up special effect, and Ace Dominator exclusive team-up special effect, to 1600 Silver fragments.

Conqueror tier rewards

Conqueror tier rewards include- 2000 Silver fragments, C1S2 Conqueror Title, C1S2 Conqueror Name Tag, and Conqueror exclusive team-up special effect.

BGMI 1.6 update: M3 Royale Pass weapon skins, outfits, etc

The M3 Royale Pass brings three new weapon skins which one can obtain upon purchasing the Elite Pass. The Lone Wolf QBZ and Veggie Parcel M16A4 weapons are available in the Elite Pass rewards, while Withering Death AWM will be available for free for those who achieve rank 35. As for the outfits, the M3 RP brings two new items to the table Lone Wolf Set and Deep Friend Set. A free outfit will be up for grabs on RP rank 35.

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